Backlog Grooming

This is a daily meeting happening usually during afternoons and usually takes between 15 minutes to half hour.

The reason for this meeting to be run daily is because tickets come daily to the queue so they need to be reviewed and prioritized accordingly.

If there are Incidents that haven’t been dealt by the team then this meeting is a good place to highlight them and get them into the Kanban Board.

If there are tickets that don’t belong to the team queue then they can be redirected to the appropriate queue.

It’s not good to have tickets in the queue for days or weeks to then move them to another queue where they may experience the same delay until they find the correct team to implement them.

During this meeting is a good practice to estimate(in hours or days) all new Requests, Problems or Changes. If we get estimates bigger than a day or two they should be broken down into smaller tasks.

We don’t estimate incidents because we don’t know how long the may take to be fixed.

It’s a good practice to take note of effort taken to resolve the incidents. This will help the team to understand the time is lost on this type of incidents.

  • Estimates “must” come from the team on common agreement
  • For people to estimate, they need to understand what’s needed to be done and how it can be done
  • Helps managers to check that company processes are followed (team discusses how to implement tasks)
  • It helps the team to talk to each other and bond faster
  • Good time for managers to understand if tasks are taking longer, maybe the team is going beyond what’s requested
  • Identify tasks that may breach security or SLAs
  • Identify if a task is too big and should be a project
  • Is the team just estimating the work to be done or also the Definition Of Done?

This meeting is a good way to cross-skill the team as the team discusses how to implement tickets.