How to balance your team?

  • Should you tell your most productive person to train the less productive ones?
  • Engineers should always take the first ticket on the top of the queue. If they don’t know how to implement the ticket they should request support from the team and someone needs to pair with them.
  • Stop the cherry picking as it doesn’t allow people to get exposed and knowledge will always be distributed on a silo basis
  • Wiki page should be available for people to follow steps to implement tickets, if not available then the team needs to create them
  • Cross skill your team allowing time for training sessions inside the team
  • Allow time for estimation sessions, daily if possible better (15 minutes)
  • Be patient, it doesn’t happen in one day or in one week
  • Celebrate success

“One rower might feel he is stronger than the next and row twice as hard. This extra effort upsets the boat’s process and moves it off course”