How the Team Wiki Space can look like

Infrastructure Home (example page)

  • Environments
  • How-to articles
  • Policies
  • Processes/Team
  • Troubleshooting articles
  • Support and Contracts
  • Team Definition of Done
  • New Starter Info

(placeholder for design documents, kit lists, logins/LOM IPs, rack/cabling diags etc etc)
– Server List
– Web server pooling

How-to articles

  • What is the reason for doing this?
  • How does this get done?
  • How do you check success?


  • Build standards/naming conventions
  • Capacity management policy
  • Monitoring policy
  • Security policy
  • Software patching policy


  • Monthly reporting
  • New Starter Info
  • Risk Register

Troubleshooting articles

EXAMPLE: Server crashed with error “extremely bad panic thing”

  1. ProblemHow did the problem get reported?
  2. How did the problem get reported?What was the impact of the problem?
  3. What was the impact of the problem?
  4. SolutionWhat did you check to find
  5. What did you check to find the root cause?
  6. Think beyond the fix

Support and Contracts

  • Contacts and Escalation
  • Contracts and expiry
  • What we look after?

DOD or Definition of Done

  • Work on the ticket
  • Raise a change if Production
  • Test/QA your work
  • Document your work on How-To and Troubleshooting areas of Confluence
  • Customer UAT and Agreement (in Review for up to 3 days)
  • Closer notes on Service Now stating cause and what was done
  • Peer Review (if appropriate)
  • Include actual effort on ticket to compare to estimate
  • Consider automation

Remember that DOD affects your estimates

New Starter Info

(what logins are needed to which pages/applications, which email distros to be added to, links to daily checks/holiday, standup details etc)

First Few Hours

Take a look at this documentation portal and also the legacy wiki to familiarise yourself with some of the more important policies, concepts, and system structures.

In particular, the following links are advised:

  • Human Resources
  • Team Contact Details
  • Legacy Wiki – New Starter Guide
  • Legacy Wiki – Employee Handbook
  • Team Working
  • Kanban
    The Rules
  • Infrastructure Documentation
  • Server List / Web Server / Pooling / Extras
  • Policies
  • How-to Guides